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When Mike, aka “Bego” is not focused on surrounding his director(s) with the necessary assets to deliver a first-rate film, or lingering around a craft service table, he’s never too far from the beach and a volleyball net.  For him, maintaining a good work/life balance is key in supporting the positive and creative energy that he likes to bring to every project and every set. 


With more than 14 years of experience line producing commercials, music videos and new media, he has had the opportunity to work successfully with many of the top ad agencies, production companies and star talent.  Shooting a handful of music videos for the Doobie Brothers might be the highlight of his career.  That’s unless you count his short stint as a flight attendant for the Spice Girls. True story. Feel free to ask him about it.


For resume and full list of clients/productions click here.

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